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Fumigation (Tenting)
Fumigation Options

Personally, I find the fumigation process burdensome and in many cases ill advised. Since your house will be covered by sealed tarps, the fumigators must walk on your roof subjecting it to possible damage. In some cases, the fumigator can provide insurance against this potential but the most careful workman can't entirely prevent damage to old brittle roof shingles, especially tiles. In addition, any and all plants in and around (close to the structure) your house are subject to damage from the fumigant. In preparation for fumigation a list of homeowner requirements will be provided and you may have to sign waivers that limit the liability of the fumigator.

Although localized treatments can be effective in many situations, they require a degree of diligence and persistence that a lot of professionals would rather reject in favor of a whole house method. Some termite operators will limit the inspection process to areas of infestation that the homeowner has discovered. A sales approach is utilized pushing the whole house treatment as the only viable approach. The fumigation process has its place, but in most cases it makes good sense to consider other approaches. Our commitment is to provide homeowners with all available options (including fumigation) so that a truly informed decision can be made.

In addition to localized treatments with termicides there are a number of other treatment strategies available through some of my competitors. At this time, the only alternative whole house method that is presently approved by the Structural Pest Control Board is the "heat" treatment. This process requires raising the temperature in the structure to a point where Drywood termites are controlled. Useful information on this method and the fumigation process is available on the SPCB website. Microwaves, electro guns and freezing methods are also available to the homeowner who opposes the use of termicides. If you require more information specific to your home please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.


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