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Fumigation (Tenting)
Fumigation Options

Cost is a major factor in determining method of treatment. Naturally, very large buildings or homes become very expensive to fumigate. So what does the homeowner get for the high cost of fumigation? Well, obviously, a house that is free and clear of drywood termite infestation. The homeowner gains the peace of mind that comes with starting with a clean slate. Unfortunately, this freedom from worry about termites may be short lived due to re-infestation, which is considered below. Most termite operators will guarantee the tent method for at least a year from the date of completion. Localized treatment is usually much less expensive, but will not come with the same whole house guarantee.

Keep in mind that any localized treatment is made to a specific area. Only the infestation in the visible and accessible area treated is going to be controlled. You may have infestation in other areas that aren't visible to you or your inspector. However, the presence of drywood termites doesn't necessarily indicate widespread infestation or colonies you can't see. This is precisely why a complete and diligent inspection of your entire house is so important. A careful examination will result in the most cost-effective treatment strategy for the homeowner.

Another problem that must be considered when utilizing the fumigation or tent method is re-infestation, which is dependent on how prevalent drywood termites are in your neighborhood. A high incidence of drywood termite activity will result in greater exposure to new infestation. Mature drywood termite colonies swarm or migrate in the late summer and fall of the year. It's conceivable that your home could be re-infested shortly after fumigation. When facing the higher costs associated with fumigation this plays an important part in your choice of treatment methods. For instance, you may want to wait to fumigate if you intend to sell your property in the near future. A termite clearance is customarily part of a real estate transfer of ownership. Because of the potential for re-infestation, an ill-informed homeowner could find himself or herself fumigating for a second time to meet this obligation. It's been my experience that many homeowners are fully satisfied with where they live and have no intention to move. In that case the lower cost of localized treatment may provide a better choice.

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