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Fumigation (Tenting)
Fumigation Options

The "tenting" method is most often utilized for drywood termites. And, normally presents a real headache for the homeowner. Questions like the following are a matter of course. Do I really need to fumigate my house? What can I do to avoid this? Are there any options?

A number of factors must be considered to answer this question. First a thorough understanding of why fumigation is recommended by termite inspectors is essential. The recommendations that licensed professionals make are not arbitrary. They're the result of following a set of rules prescribed by law. In short, if an inspector encounters an infestation of drywood termites that originates from or continues into an inaccessible area, or if the subject property shows evidence of widespread drywood termite infestation, fumigation must be considered.

Beyond that there are other ways to deal with drywood termites. An infestation in an inaccessible area can be exposed for localized treatment. An example would be where the infested wood framing of a wall would be exposed for treatment by removing the wall coverings. In cases where it is feasible the infested wood can be replaced eliminating the need for any treatment. However, the cost of the replacement materials may make treatment more economical.

In many cases "localized or spot" treatments can be very effective in controlling drywood termites. Our localized treatments are usually made by drilling small holes into infested wood and pressure-injecting non-repellant termicides into the galleries or chambers where the insects reside. The holes are sealed to contain the material. We use foam containing a low-risk termicide that exhibits a transfer effect, which can result in control of the entire colony. Termites will come in contact with the injected material and naturally transfer the material to other members of the colony much like a virus. Over time many or all of the colony members are eliminated. Often, this is the most cost effective and least intrusive approach if linked with follow-up evaluation and monitoring.

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