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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Termite Control Process

Q: Do all houses have termites?
No. It's been my experience that approximately 70% of the houses I inspect have termites. Not very good odds, huh? Termites swarm in the spring and the fall, which is the usual way they enter your house. Frequent inspection is your best protection against these insects. I recommend a thorough evaluation every two to three years. If you're close to a body of water or live in a heavily infested area, more frequent inspections may be appropriate.

Q: What is the difference between Pest Control and Pest Elimination?
Pest Control is self-explanatory. Pest Elimination is wishful thinking. Some companies offer what they call Pest Elimination. What they mean by that is beyond me. If they were to eliminate all the pests on your property, how long do you suppose it would take for their cousins, in your neighbor's yard, to march in and set up house? In most cases you're faced with a constant battle where control is the only reasonable expectation.

Q: What is Integrated Pest Management?
A: This is partly the industry's answer to the public's fear of pesticides and partly due to advancements in technology and availability of enhanced technician training. Although the fears are largely unfounded, this new direction is a favorable development. The idea is to treat pest control much like termite control.

A pest evaluation is made which results in treatments to targeted areas and a reduction in the use of pesticides. It's an intelligent approach to pest control, which requires extensive training in identification and insect behavior. Some operators consider pest management labor intensive, preferring the old power spray everything technique. It's essential to provide an adequate barrier around a customer's house, but the wholesale use of pesticides is definitely on the way out.

In a windy area like the Antelope Valley, extensive spraying can be hazardous. Alternatives are available. The risk or danger with the use of pesticides is indirectly proportional to the experience and training of the technician applying them. More experience and training will result in the most effective control of insect pests with reduced risk to the homeowner and applicator.

Q: Do I need regular monthly or bimonthly pest control or is a one-time service enough?
A: This is entirely dependant upon your unique situation. As a general rule, the history of problems would be an important factor. If this is the first bug attack you've noticed or a seasonal condition, a "one shot" service may do the trick. Some of my customers require my services during the spring and summer and suspend them during the fall and winter.

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